Arman Stone Industry Co.

  • Over a decade of experience at production and supply of Mashhad pearl granite stone
  • Manufacturing Pearl granite, Cobblestone, Curbstone, etc.
  • With experienced and committed personnel ready to provide the best services
  • Offering the best prices for Pearl Mashhad granite stone
  • Over three decades of experience in stone industry 

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Price List

Pearl Granit Stone (longitudinal)
  • Pearl Granit Stone (longitudinal)
  • Highest quality
  • 2 Cm diameter
  • 40 Cm circumference
Price: 13500  Toman
Pearl Granite Cobblestone
  • Superior quality
  • Type: Regular
  • Dimensions: 10*10*10
Price: 125000  Toman
Pearl Granite Curbstone
  • Export quality
  • Diameter: 8 Cm
  • Dimensions 30 * 50
Price: 8500  Toman
Arman Stone Industries